Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's in a name?

Simply Basics does not seem like a fitting name for a fiber store but it does fit who I am. The name of my shop was chosen when I was using it to sell jewelry. When I was getting ready to re-launch the store with fiber, I had to think things through and decide if I was going to keep the shop with this name or not. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the name fit me as a person and that it would do for an eclectic fiber shop and I want to explain why.

My knitting business is named Basic Knits, and when I was looking for a name for my etsy store I wanted to somehow incorporate that big part of my life. I explored many incarnations of names that included the word “basic”. I liked the word because I think all things good in life come from basic things. The word “simply” fit for me because I like simple things, from clean lines in furniture to minimalist clothing and accessories. The busier stuff are the less I’m inclined to like it.

Putting the two words together into Simply Basics encompasses what I hope will be the center of this store. You won’t find items that are too fancy or frilly here. You will find things that are practical. The fibers I’ve chosen are good basic fibers. The stitch markers that will be listed soon have one larger whimsical marker with 4-5 smaller more functional but still pretty markers. I am trying to choose good quality but also economical materials. That again encompasses my personality and embodies things that I, myself, would use. I won’t sell anything that I would not use myself, and I can be one picky bitch.

Every now and then I will add things that maybe are not so basic, but I just really like. It could be fancier jewelry or a really special fiber. So look forward to a shop with simple basics and every now and then something really special.

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